“To serve the business community worldwide with our relentless services and establish our presence worldwide in diversified business sectors to create a new business model in Global Economy”


“We strive hard to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers exceeding their quality requirement with our professional approach by sourcing the right products and support the growth of their business”

who we are

We, Saran Corporation., Ltd. Japan, established in 2005, are one of the leading exporters worldwide of all kinds of "Used & New Machinery" ranging from Machine Tools, Industrial Machinery, Plant and Machinery, Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Trucks in Used Machinery categories, sourcing from Japan, the market place of quality Used Machinery.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a Sole Dealer and Distributor for DONGSAN FA’S Forging Press Automation Equipments and export , Air Hammer, Key Hammer, Tooling Equipments, DONGSAN FA’S Forging Press Automation Equipments in New Machinery categories to the market in India.

We are basically a Trading Company, providing transparent, highly competitive, faster and professional services, diversified into various other Industries to meet the needs of our Customers.

We have been concentrating more on Machine Tools of all categories focusing mainly on Hot Forging, Warm Forging, Cold Forging, Sheet Metal Presses and all types of CNC Machines.

We believe in long-term business relationship and our professionally trained team of staff provides prompt response and quick service enabling the customers to take right decisions at the right time. We harness the creative energies of all our people through team work, to develop a transparent working environment.

We exercise the core capabilities in the fast-moving discipline of global machinery trade, blending our knowledge with proper logistics support. Our team has strong expertise in Sourcing and Marketing the products and we aspire to be one of the largest trading companies globally, in near future.

Business Process

Consulting services

  • Saran Corporation., Ltd. is regularly participating in industrial auctions and trade shows in Japan for identifying and sourcing materials in bulk. We also facilitate the dealers, traders, agents and end user customers worldwide to participate directly the auctions for their own needs.

  • The long term genuine and sincere business relationship of our president, Mr.Sharavanan with the industrialists and corporate clients in Japan motivates them to use his services for establishing contacts in international market and identifying opportunities of investing in Global Businesses

  • The international clients of Saran Corporation., Ltd. who have interest in associating with business majors in Japan in investing small, medium and large scale partnerships are also enjoying the virtuous services of our President.

  • We invite the fascinated international business community to align with us for any kind of genuine business association with the Japanese Firms, who have knowledge, source, potential and professional attitude to manage a long term relationship and mutually successful transactions.

Geographical Boundary

We carefully extend our boundary by aligning with a closed network of professional and ethical team of people around the world. To achieve this we are interested in associating with business partners worldwide who would like to work with us. At present we have our own offices in Japan, the sourcing market and in India, the World’s biggest consumer market for any business. We are exporting various Machines to India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, Africa. We have our strong presence in Srilanka, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Philippines. We can supply to anywhere in the World if we get firm orders for our products.

Industries Served

  • Automobile Components Manufacturing Units
  • Tool Room
  • Machine Tools (Light and Heavy)
  • Sheet Metal and Fabrication Units
  • Foundries and Forge Shops
  • Plastic and Rubber Components
  • Heat Treatment and Metal Finishing
  • Construction Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Agricultural Industries

Product Lines

We deal with a range of industrial machines and equipments. Some of the major product categories we have supplies suitable for our served sectors of industries are as follows