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150729 MORI SEIKI CL-253B 2008 N/A
Control:MSX-805III, real chuck bed in 12 inches f520, pretend f410, maximum turning diameter on the cross slide f450, standard processing diameter f250, maximum machining length of 471, X-axis stroke 260 (225 + 35), Z-axis stroke 500, spindle rotation speed of 30 ~ 3000rpm, spindle nose shape JISA2-8, spindle bearing inner diameter f150, V10 turrets 25 bytes, ten bowling bar shank f50, fast-forward speed (X) 18000 (Z) 24000mm / min, motor: spindle for 18.5 / 15kw (30 minutes / continuous ), X-axis feed for 1.5kw, Z for axis feed for 3.5kw, hydraulic 1.5kw, required power source 31 / 53KVA (continuous rating / maximum capacity), mechanical dimensions: width 2000 (+1000 chip conveyor) depth 1694 height 1955, machine mass 4100kg, automatic retractable tool with eye right out chip conveyor
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NC equipment: Mazatororu FUSION-640MT/ MAZATROL-FUSION-640MT, 6-axis specification (X Z Y Z2 B C), capability: spindle f6 inch, three nails + counter shaft f6 inch, three nails maximum, pretend f470 during pretend f290, Y-axis machining on the carriage swing f470 ~ f350, maximum machining diameter of f470, maximum machining length 727, maximum support mass (the first and second spindle chuck work) 25 kg, bar work capacity (the first spindle) f51, (second spindle) f46, first spindle: rotational speed 35 ~ 5270rpm, motor (25% ED / continuous rating) 7.5 / 5.5kw, second spindle: rotation speed of 35 ~ 6000rpm, motor (25% ED / continuous rating) 7.5 / 3.7kw, mill headstock: 1 spindle tool shank KM63, tool size with ATC,20f32, times rolling tool f90 200L, rotation speed of 15 ~ 10000rpm, motor (25% ED / continuous rating) 5.5 / 2.2kw, feed axis: X Z Y Z2 axis, stroke 360 785 120 760 B axis 225 C-axis 0.001 , fast-forward speed X Z Y Z2 axis 30 33 26 30m / min, ATC20 this electric capacity 19.1KVA, machine dimensions: width 3080 depth 2080 out rear height 2323, machine weight 4900kg, chip conveyor bar material feeding device with (cutter)
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150725 HASEGAWA J24 2007 N/A
Control: FANUC, face clamp chuck (pneumatic), gang tool post 2-axis, gantry loader + parts feeder chip conveyor, body dimensions width 2181 back 2037 height 2511, body weight 1400kg
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150723 TSUGAMI C180 (X) 2012 N/A
Control: FANUC-31iA, 2-axis loader, collet chuck, left-right symmetry, the primary, secondary processing of the front and back to the high-precision capability: up to X slide than the core height 45, spindle end of than pretend f220 X slide the top surface on the bed distance -10 to 140, spindle of: maximum rotational speed of 15,000rpm spindle nose shape f114, flat chuck size 3-inch, four inches turrets: comb blade-shaped XR XL-axis stroke 300 ZR, ZL-axis stroke 150, fast-forward speed XR XL axis 24m / min ,ZR ZL axis 24m / min, tool size: 12 motors: the main, spindle for 2.2 / 1.5kw (30 minutes / continuous) XR XL axis 0.75kw ZR ZL-axis 0.75kw, cutting oil 1.5kw, spindle cooling oil pump, pump for 75W tank capacity: spindle cooling oil tank 8L, coolant tank 215L, power capacity 10KVA ,machine dimensions: (including loader 2P) width 1560 depth 1545 height 17000, machine mass 2200kg with mist collector
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150722 TSUGAMI C004-III (X1) 2010 N/A
CONTROL:FANUC-21iTB, X-axis Z-axis independent slide the built-in motor, spindle bed on the swing f260, X distance Max300-Min80, spindle speed of up to X-axis slide than the core height 45, spindle end of the from-axis slide top surface 80-12000rpm, spindle nose shape f130, flat main shaft through hole f17.85, chuck size 4 inches, X-axis Z-axis stroke 220 220, X-axis Z-axis rapid traverse rate 15m , min tool size: 13, spindle motor 3.7 / 2.2kw (30 minutes / continuous), X-axis Z-axis feed shaft both, motor 1.4kw., mechanical dimensions width 1500 depth 1450 height 1650, machine mass 2200Kg. loader [maximum work f50 L40 YBA-axis stroke 400 750 260, mechanical dimensions width 1500 depth 1200 height 2240, machine weight 1940kg, automatic fire extinguishing system, mist collector
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122169 OM VTLEX2500 2010 N/A
Control: F18i-TB, Table size:φ3000, Stroke(X,Z):2000mm 1250mm, Maximum swing diameter:5600mm2600mm, ATC16, Maximum workpiece weight 30t,Table rotation speed:80min, Cross rail stroke:1600, Column stroke: 900
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122022 YAMAZAKI MAZAK Integrex 200Ⅲ 2004 173854
With Y-axis,Mazatrol-640MT-Pro (simultaneous 5-axis package mounting, EIA correspondence),8 inch Big Hollow chuck (Kitagawa BB08) Main shaft through φ65,With center,Complex B-axis tool post,ATC40 this Tool holder: CAPTO-C6,Center through coolant,Chip conveyor (hinge right out),Automatic workpiece measurement (MP10),Tool length automatic measurement,Scale feedback XYZ,Swing of the largest swing / on the carriage φ660 / φ660,Maximum turning diameter φ660,Maximum turning length 1016,Stroke: X axis 580 Y axis 160 Z-axis 1045 B-axis 225 C-axis 360 ,Spindle maximum rotational speed of 5000rpm,Spindle nose shape JISA2-6,Spindle bearing inner diameter (front) φ120,Spindle minimum indexing angle 0.0001 ,Turrets Format: 20 lines 1 spindle turret with ATC,Height of the shank portion of the corner byte 25 Boring bar shank diameter φ40,Milling spindle maximum rotational speed 12000rpm,Milling spindle machining ability: Milling φ100 end mill φ32 drill φ30, Tap M27,Fast-forward speed (X) 38 (Y) 26 (Z) 38m / min Tailstock movement amount (W-axis) 1010,Tapered bore MT4 Spindle motor AC22 / 15kw (30 minute rating / continuous rating) milling spindle motor AC15kw (20% ED),The required power source 39.8kva (continuous rating),Air pressure source 0.5MPa500L / min
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121969 OKUMA LT15MY 2002 N/A
6000rpm,S: 230 X 120 X 460, With loader
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121964 OKUMA LB3000EX 2011 N/A
OSP-P300L,Chuck: Kitagawa 8 inches, Spindle rotation speed 5000min-1 S (XZ): 260 X 565, There tailstock
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121962 OKUMA LB3000 EX Ⅱ 2014 N/A
OSP-P300L,chuck:KITAGAWA 8inch,spindle speed:5000min-1, axis travel range:X,Z,260X565mm,Tail stock
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