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151613 TSUGAMI M08J 2014 21199A
Chuck Size 8 inch chuck (Kitakawa B-208); Number of Stations 8Max; Spindle Speed 4,000 RPM; Control Fanuc-0iMate-TD; Octagon turret, Accessories : New tool post holder (outer diameter x2, inner diameter x2); Weight 3,300 kg; Width x Depth x Height 1,690mm x 1,673mm x 1,600mm
151539 DANICHI M132-600 1990 N/A
Control: Fanuc15-TF, Swing: 1320 mm (over bed), Chuck: 1200 mm, Distance between centers: 6000 mm, Stroke(XZ): 750 x 6000 mm, Swing over cross slide: 900 mm, Spindle: 750 rpm
151450 MAZAK QTN-150II 2008 N/A
Stroke (X): 190 (Z):545,Octagonal Turret, Distance between centres: 500 mm, Swing on bed: 550 mm, Max. processing diameter: 330 mm, Spindle Speed: 5000 rpm
151371 MORI SEIKI NT4300DCG 2008 NT430HB0104
Control: MSX - 711 III (FANUC - 31iA5), Chuck Size: 12 inch 4 nail 2 (Matsumoto), Maximum Swing of Work: φ 730 mm, Swing on Cross Slide: φ 730 mm (φ400 on Second Tool Post), Maximum Distance between Main Spindle Large End Face: 1347 mm, Maximum Machining Diameter: φ 350 mm (Tool Φ 660 (with Second Tool Rest), Maximum Working Length: 983 mm, Transfer Amount(Tool Spindle) XYZB Shaft: 750 210 1120 + 100 (ATC Movement Amount) 120 (Second Tool Rest), XZ Shaft End Shape: A2 - 8, Main Spindle Bearing Inner Diameter: φ 160 mm, Tool Spindle: 1 Tool Mounting Number (40 ATCs), Axis: 195 1010 mm, First and Second Spindle Rotation Speed: 2,000 rpm (2 Stage Winding Switching), Minimum Index Angle: 0.0001 , B-axis Minimum Indexing Angle: 0.0001 , Taper Hole: Capto C 6, Maximum Rotation Speed: 12,000 rpm, Second Tool Rest: V 10, Angle Bite: □ 25, Boring Bar: φ 50 mm, Fast Forward Speed (tool spindle): X axis-50, Y axis-30, Z axis-50 m/min, (Second Blade X-2 axis-30,Z-2 axis-30 m/min, (2nd Spindle) A axis-30 m/min, B axis-100 rpm, C axis-250 rpm, Motor: for 1st and 2nd Spindle 22/18.5 kw (30 min/continuous) for Tool Spindle: 18.5/11 kw (10 minutes/continuous), Machine Law: Width: 80000 mm Depth: 3650 mm Height: 3109 mm, (Including Chip Conveyor, Cutting Oil Tank Work Conveyor) Mechanical Weight: 24600 Kg ※ Chip Conveyor, Mist Collector, Tool Presetter, Machine Measurement Work Piece Conveyor, Direct Scale Feedback (XYZ axes). (Ref.No-25286)
151368 MORI SEIKI MT1500 2005 MT151 BB0020
Control: MSG - 501(FANUC 18i-TB), MAPPS - New Dialogue Function Mounted, Max.Swing: φ 830 mm, Swing on Cross Slide: φ 480 mm - 760 mm, Max.Distance between Left and Right Main Spindle Ends: 1150 mm, Max.Machining Diameter: φ 400 mm, Max.Machining Length: Both Chucks: 920 mm, First Spindle Specifications:- Max.Rotation Speed: 6000 RPM, Speed ​​Range: 2 Stages (winding), Spindle End: JIS A 2 - 5 (JIS A 2 - 6), Bearing Inner Diameter: φ 90 mm, Min.Index Angle: 0.001 , Second Spindle Specification: Max.Rotation Speed: 6000 RPM, Change Range: 2 Stages), Main spindle End: JIS A 2 - 5, Bearing Inside Diameter: φ 90 mm, Min.Index Angle: 0.001 , Tool Spindle Specifications:- X axis- 455 mm(slip), Y axis 70 mm(Rolling), Z axis: 970 mm (Rolling), B axis 120 , Tool Mounting Number: 1, B-axis Indexing Time: 2.0 sec/90 Min.Indexing Angle of B axis - 0.001 , Tool Spindle Max.Rotation Speed 12000 RPM, Tool Spindle Taper Hole Coromant: Capto C 5, Tool Spindle Bearing Inner Diameter: φ 65 mm, Tool Magazine: 20 Frames, Fast Forward Speed ​​(XYZ) 24 * 16 * 30 m/min, (B) 34 rpm (C) 300 rpm, Motor: 11/7.5 kw for the First 3pindle (30 min / continuous) for the second spindle 7.5 / 5.5 kw / Continuous) 2.2kw for 5.5kw for the Tool Spindle Hydraulic Machine Dimensions: Width: 3675 mm * Depth: 2460 mm, 2410 mm, Machine Weight: 9500 Kg, (With Right out Chip Conveyor) Ref.No-25507)
151354 OKUMA LCC-15 1995 N/A
OSP 700 L Collet Chuck, Corner: 8, Turret Right Tipping Conveyor Medium Pressure Coolant Parts Auto Bar with a Catcher: 3 m, (Alps/PF-V3S) (Ref.No-H010558)
151320 MITSUBISHI M-AN16 1998 25066
Dia: M16. Multi Spindle
151291 TAKIZAWA TSL360-CNC 1994 N/A
CNC Control Unit: Fanuc-OTMate, Swing on Bed: 360 mm (inquired 320 mm), Work Piece Length: 450 mm (inquired 400 mm), Max.Diameter on Slide: 190 mm (inquired 150 mm), Spindle: 2000 rpm (inquired 2800 rpm), Travel: (X)axis-125 mm, (Z)axis-415 mm, Through Hole Dia.: 35 mm (inquired 36 mm), Main Motor: 2.2 kw
151268 IKEGAI TU15 1998 53803V
Machine Mass: 3200 kg, Machine Size: 2450 mm * 1500 mm, Max.Processing Diameter: 220 mm, Max.Processing Length: 410 mm, Travel: X axis-170 mm, Z axis-420 mm, Rapid Traverse: X axis-12 m/min, Z axis-15 m/min, Spindle Rotation Speed: 100 mm, Spindle Rotation Speed: 40 - 4000 mm, Diameter of Hole Through Spindle: 57 mm, No.of Tools on Cross Slide: 12 Pcs, Tailstock Travel: 480 mm, Diameter of Tailstock Spindle: 80 mm, Coolant Tank Capacity (L): 80, Main Drive Motor: 18.5 KVA, Power Supply: 20 KVA. (Ref.No-W6062)
150653 MORI SEIKI CL-253B 2008 CL253HD1177
MSX-805III pretend: φ410, maximum machining diameter:φ450,the pretend: φ520 cross slide on the real chuck bed in 12 inches standard processing diameter φ250 maximum machining length:471 X-axis stroke 260 (225+35)Z-axis, stroke: 500, spindle rotation speed of 30~3000rpm, spindle nose shape JISA2-8 spindle bearing inner diameter φ150 V10 turrets (25 bytes ten bowling bar shank φ50), fast-forward speed(X)18000(Z)24000mm/min motor: spindle for 18.5 / 15kw (30 minutes / continuous ), X-axis feed for 1.5kw Z for axis feed for 3.5kw hydraulic 1.5kw required power source 31/53KVA (continuous rating / maximum capacity), mechanical dimensions: width 2000 (+1000 chip conveyor)x depth 1694xheight 1955, machine mass 4100kg, automatic retractable tool with eye right out chip conveyor, Lot number: 24807
MAZATROL-640M Pro BT40 ATC80 this main Chuck sub chuck 12 inch third hollow chuck (through diameter: main side 80φ sub side 65φ) spindle rotation speed 35-4000min mind between 1470 rotary tool rotational speed 15-12000min stroke: X740 Y410 Z1388 W1370 right out with chip conveyor with mist collector coolant cooling equipment and spindle with cooling system, Lot Number: P003420
150151 MORI SEIKI CL-203A 2000 N/A
MSG-803 Four cullet chuck (HSRF-168) with loader, Lot Number: P004017
150149 MORI SEIKI CL-153 1999 N/A
MELDAS 6 inch 3 jaw chuck 12 station turret tool with gantry with spiral conveyor unloading conveyor out after with a pre-setter stocker, Lot Number: P002769
150136 OKUMA LU25 2000 N/A
OSP-U100L 12 inch third heart between 3000 12 station turret rotation speed 3200rpm with Center right out chip conveyor chuck (KRS-NZ315), Lot Number: P901004.
151538 HOMMA NA N/A N/A
MAIN SPECIFICATION: Distance between columns: 9000 mm, Max Turning Dia (Center of compound head ram is table center): 9000 mm, Set back: dia 11200 mm, Current Setback: dia 10600 mm, Max processing height: From upper table surface to lower end of bite holder: 4000 mm, From upper surface of apron to stage board to lower end of bite holder: 3500 mm, Max cutting length: 11000 mm, up to limit of building: 10,680 mm, max load weight on table: 250000 kg. TABLE: Table diameter: dia 7000 mm, table rotation speed (turning): 0.25 – 30 rpm, Low speed: 0.25 – 1.875 – 7.5 rpm, high Speed: 1 – 7.5 – 30 rpm, table turn conversion number: Gear change 2 stages x DC motor transmission, Table turn conversion mechanism: Hydraulic cylinder, Table turn command system: S4 digit direct command, table support system: Center: Double row conical roller bearing, Inner circumference: hydro static bearing, table max torque (under 1.875 rpm): 62300 kg-m, table chucking system: Nail chucking, GANTRY FORWARDING (XM, XS): Quantity of movement: 11300 mm, Current condition: 10680 mm, rear than table center (set back): 2845 mm, current condition: 2277 mm, Front part of table center: 8455 mm, current condition: 8403 mm, Feeding speed: 1 – 3000 mm/min, Fast traverse: 6000 mm/min, Coulmn saddle clamp system: Hydraulic optima clamp, column saddle clamp power: (u=0.1) 8000 kg, Sliding surface lubrication system: Hydro static bearing, Drive control system: Synchronization forwarding + hybrid servo, Position detector: Induction Scale, Maker: Hidenhsin, COMPOUND HEAD: Model: opposite side 500 x 500 square ram, spindle drive power: AC 37/45 kW, Spindle nose diameter: 128.570 mm, Spindle nose taper head: ISO No. 50, Spindle bearing dia: dia 120 mm, Spindle bearing: NN3204K, 120TAC+20D
151470 OKUMA V100R 2015 N/A
Max.Processing Diameter: 1000 mm, Max. Swing: 1000 mm, Max. Turning Height: 890 mm, Spindle Rotation Speed(Low): 396 rpm, Spindle Rotation Speed(High): 750 rpm, Slide Stroke (LR): 565 mm, Slide Stroke (UD): 890 mm, Main Motor: VAC30/22 KVA, Control: OSPP300L, Machine Dimension: 2725x3495
151374 OM Neo α-16EX 2013 MT-2017
Control: FANUC - 0 iTD, Table: φ 1600 mm, Max.Swing: φ 2000 mm, Max.Work size φ 2000 mm Height: 1500 mm, Max.Work Weight: 8000 kg, Max.Distance from Holder Mounting Surface to Table Top Surface: 1690 mm, Max.Torque 20000 N, Max.Cutting Force: 25000 N, Max.Drill Diameter: φ 80 mm, Max.Tap Diameter: M 42 4.5, Cross Rail Up/Down Stroke: 800 mm (positioning step 200 mm 5 steps), Tool Post Right/Left Stroke from the Table Center to the Right - 1510 & Left 100, Turret Table Up & Down: 1250 mm, Lamb Head Cross Section Dimensions: 240 240 mm, Min.Internal Diameter Capable of Passing through the Ram: Φ 330 mm, Byte Dimensions: 32 32, Milling Spindle Taper: No. 50 ATC 24, Table Rotation Speed: Low Speed Range: 1.0 to 79.6 rpm, High Speed Range: 3.8 to 300 rpm, Fast Feeding Speed: (X.Z axis) 10000 mm/min, Manual Feed Speed: (X.Z axis) 0 to 3600 mm/min, Cutting Feed Amount: 0.01 to 500 mm, Cutting Feed Speed: 1 to 3600 mm/min, Cross Rail Vertical Movement Speed: (50 Hz) 300 mm/min, Milling Spindle Rotation Speed: 25 to 2500 rpm, Table Indexing Speed: (C axis) 3 rpm, Table Manual Feed Speed: (C axis) 0 to 800 deg/min, Motor: AC 30/37 kw for Main Shaft, AC 15/18.5 kw for Milling Spindle, AC 1.8 kw for X-axis, AC 7.0 kw for ATC, Magazine AC 0.75 kw, Cross Rail for Vertical Movement: 3.7 kW 4 P, Machine Dimensions: Width- 5000 mm Depth- 3500 mm Height- 4500 mm, Machine Weight; 17000 kg, Automatic Cutting Edge Compensation, Ram Center through Coolant with Chip Conveyor. (Ref.No-25327)
151126 OKUMA V100R 2012 N/A
Control: Fanuc31iMA, Chuck Size: 1016 mm, Thickness: 182 mm, Max. load of work: 1.2 Tons, Max. Cutting dia: 1000 mm, Max. Processing length: 890 mm, Traverse (XZ): 565 x 890 mm, ATC: 12 with Chip conveyor.
151114 TOSHIBA KIKAI TUE-200 2012 N/A
Table diameter: 2000mm, max. Swing: 2400mm, Max. height from table top to ram bottom: 1720mm, Max. cutting height: 1550mm, Max. cutting diameter: 2400mm, Max. table load: 15 ton, Travel: (X-axis) : -50 - 1350mm, (Z-axis) : 900mm
151113 OM TMS2-30/55N 2010 N/A
Table diameter: 3000mmΦ, Max. swing: 2400mm, Max. cutting height: 1550mm, Max cutting dia.: 2400mm, Max. table load: 15 ton, Travel(X axis): -50 - 1350mm, (Z axis) : 900mm
150130 OKUMA HOWA ACT-2SP-V35 1997 N/A
FANUC-18T 12-inch third 12 station turret stroke X235 Z430 spindle speed 25-2500rpm Lot Number: P003157
MAZATROL-T-PLUS 10 inch 3 jaw chuck center touch sensor right out Chippukon ATC40 this, Lot Number: P003121
150159 OKUMA MACTURN30 2001 N/A
OSP-E100L BT40 ATC40 this 8 inch third stroke: X430 Y190 Z1590 C axis 360 rotation control angle 0.001 spindle speed 4500rpm tool with center with Chippukon with pre-setter, Lot Number: P003617
150150 MORI SEIKI CL-2000A 2003 N/A
MSG-85 8 Inchi-biki chuck octagonal out after turret Chippukon with loader, Lot Number: P001913
150131 MORI SEIKI NL2500MC / 700 2006 N/A
MSX-850 10 inch 3 jaw chuck 12 station turret spindle speed 4000rpm spindle through hole φ91 center with right out Chippukon, Lot Number: P004186
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